Introducing Lifestyle Window Systems Ltd Bay Windows

Proud and personalised, an Origin bay window adds so much character to your home.

The Lifestyle Window Systems Ltd Bay Window by Origin

All Lifestyle Window Systems Ltd windows are designed and created to your exact specifications – and our sophisticated bay windows are no exception.

Projecting and proud by definition and design, your bay window will add bespoke character to your Surrey home. We can help you make a stunning statement with your property.

Add character to your Surrey home

The installation of a bay window brings an extra dimension of quality and character to your home. Bay windows by Origin let in more natural light, give you more living space and afford a more panoramic view of the world outside.

As well as enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your property, installing Origin Bay Windows, supplied by Lifestyle Window Systems Ltd, can add to its value when you sell.

A bespoke window

Your bay is unique – and so is the Lifestyle Window Systems Ltd Window you choose to install in it. Every element of Origin Bay Windows is bespoke.

We will work with you to ensure the size of the windows, the frames, even the angles between them, all work perfectly in their setting as together we create a beautiful addition to your home in Surrey.

Your colour

Origin Bay Windows, supplied by Lifestyle Window Systems Ltd, can be manufactured in more than 150 RAL colours, so you will be able to choose the style that is right for you. If you choose one of our 11 most popular colours, we will be able to deliver them more quickly.

Should you prefer a traditional wood effect, our woodgrain options offer a superbly authentic finish.

Lower energy bills

Our bay windows, combined with a polyamide thermal break within the aluminium profile, not only meet thermal efficiency building regulations – they exceed them.

This ensures your Surrey home will be cool in summer and warm in winter, and as a bonus you will be able to look forward to reduced energy bills.

Why Origin?

Bespoke to you

British manufactured

Up to a 20-year guarantee

Unbeatable lead times

Visit our showroom in Wallington to see the collection range. To book an appointment, call 0208 255 2010 now.