How to Choose a New Front Door for Your Flat

Many homeowners would love to update the front of their property with a new front door, but this isn’t something that many flat owners think about. However, it’s a great way to spruce up your apartment’s entrance both inside and out, especially if it hasn’t been replaced for years. Here are some of the key points to consider when selecting a new front door.


For many people living in flats and apartments, home security is something really important, often sharing a communal area with other flats. If this is true for you, ensure you choose a high-quality product that has a range of security features. This could be anything from multi-point locking to PAS 24 tested products which have been through rigorous tests before being released on the market. Testing includes impact tests which ensure your average tools or physical force won’t allow someone to break into your flat. Any products must meet Building Regulations Document Q ‘secured by design’ standards.


Building Regulations Document B outlines the requirements for choosing any new doors for your flat. This includes the fact that your new front door should be an approved fire door which provides protection for at least 30 minutes if a fire breaks out (FD30 rated), but you can also select ones with 60 minutes of protection (FD60) if it gives you peace of mind. Fire safety features will include things like self-closing mechanisms and smoke seals, giving them far greater resistance than your average door.


Many flats are bound by a lease, so it’s important to speak to your landlord, leaseholder or terms of your contract before making any changes. You may need permission before replacing your front door. You could even be a landlord yourself, hoping to renew the look inside your residential properties to entice new tenants. Once you’ve defined the requirements for the new door, the easiest way to choose a design for the flats is to approach a specialist installer who will be able to show you a range of options which fit within these guidelines.


Another aspect to consider when selecting a new front door is additional features you may like to include such as a door knocker, doorbell or spyhole. Even when choosing secure, internal fire doors for your front door, a good windows and door supplier will have an array of customisation options. This includes a range of handle styles and finishing effects, door colours and furniture to increase both the look and function of your flat’s new front door.


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